Hello everyone,

I am the club president for the Trendsetta's Corvette Club.  We are dedicated corvette enthusiasts  promise you that.   We're looking forward to an awesome summer this year with car shows and some serious competition in our local area and our visiting guest statewide.  We will keep you and the community well informed about our year, our goals, charity events and some of our great accomplishments.  I am excited and I'm looking for a fascinating and phenomenal club this season.   I am very excited and we are trying to book out our calendar again for the new year of 2022, we will leave No-stone unturned we are going to have some fun with our calendar of events for the summer season, so get those corvettes cleaned up and ready.  I invite and encourage all those who want to join us just hit the contact button and we'll surely get in contact with you soon and to tell you more about us and how to join.  We will continue to keep you informed, thanks for being there for us  and I really appreciate all of your support and I look forward to meeting and greeting you all during our next corvette club season .