Welcome to a website where dreams and the personal visions of Americans' Sports Car are realized and distinctly identify as a TrendSettas
Corvette. Our Corvettes have the original DNA of our Fore Fathers, who wanted a race car to run at the races held in 1953, by Air Force General Curtis LeMay, on the airport runway. GM's 1953 Vice President, Harley Earl commissioned a member of his team to sketch a two seater race car for the big event.

     By the Spring of that same year, the first model was presented to Chevrolet and GM or approval. Once the particulars were all worked out by both parties, the first Corvette rolled off the assembly line right here in our hometown, Flint, Michigan. From there (as the saying goes )“It was on and popping”. Not only does TrendSettas Corvettes embrace the original concept of the "Corvette" by showcasing the speed of the Corvette, from the factory in a ZO6, but also by the work of one of our member's by way of "Dyno Tuning" and by sure foot power of yet other members.  

      Our Corvettes are extremely distinctive in there custom designs and un-comparable in there style. The pride of a Trendsettas member is unmistakable. It is seen each time you interact with one of our members or see us coming in true fashion( as only the TrendSettas Corvette Club can) in a line of Corvettes, a miles long, going down the street or highway, traveling in succession or parking our Vett's at a car show ,one after another with true precision.  

     On our website, you will find up coming events, car shows given by TrendSettas Corvette Club and other club's events we will be attending. You will also find a listing of our sponsors, who generously lend their company’s name, in support of our charitable giving to our community.

       In honor of our members, each page represents the range of colors of each Corvette in our club. So, sit back...grip your seat tight and take this journey through our website and learn the true meaning of being a TrendSettas Corvette Club member.  

Wait! I almost forgot, here get in                                           enjoy your ride!  
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